Edit: Translating Information Networks
is a roving events series pairing innovative performances with focused critical responses toward an exploration of editorial strategies in contemporary writing and the arts. From reframing techniques in conceptual writing to live processing in new media performance, editorial issues of mediated composition seem increasingly pressing. In a capacious sense, this old word edit—and associated fields of editorial theory and textual conditions—can refresh, historicize, and enrich practices characterized by problematic new media terms like remix, mash-up, flash art, and so on. An extended editorial exploration will relate these diverse occasions, with each event expanded online and occasionally drawn together in print or other media.


  1. Edit: Strategizing Writing Technologies
    considering Printmaking, Performance, and Editorial Practice

  2. Edit: Processing Improvisatory Writing
    Featuring sound poet ADACHI TOMOMI with radio artist TIANNA KENNEDY
    discussing Contingency, Sound Poetry, and Transmission Arts

  3. Edit: Performing Networked Publishing
    Handmade book, PDF, lulu.com Appendix, Powerpoint, Kanban Board/Post-Its, Blurbs, Dual Language (Chinese/English) Edition, micro lecture, Selectric II interview, wine/cheese reception, Q&A (xerox) and a film. A live publishing venture in 5 hours, featuring TAN LIN with the editing aid of Danny Snelson, Matthew Abess, Chris Alexander, Alejandro Crawford, Cecilia Corrigan, Kareem Estefan, J. Gordon Faylor, Mashinka Firunts, Kristen Gallagher, Lawrence Giffin, Diana Hamilton, Eddie Hopely, Josef Kaplan, Steve McLaughlin, Matthew Landis, Gregory Laynor, Sueyeun Juliette Lee, Patrick Lovelace, Carlos Soto, Kaegan Sparks, Michelle Taransky, Jeremy JF Thompson, Sara Wintz, and Al Filreis.

  4. Edit: Staging Database Recomposition
    Featuring Alejandro Crawford with the students of Charles Bernstein's English 262
    exploring tactics for Programming Poetry, Remixing Flash Clips, Python Scripted Poetry, and Creative Translation.