L:00:00 - George Brecht - Entrance to Exit (1965) R:00:00 - George Brecht - Entrance to Exit (1965) L:00:27 - Jack Goldstein - MGM (1975) R:00:27 Jack Goldstein – White Dove (1975) L:01:01 Standish Lawder - Color Film (1971) R:01:01 Tacita Dean – Kodak (2007) L:03:22 Paul McCarthy – Painter (1995) R:03:22 Marcel Duchamp - Anemic Cinema (1926) R:04:11 Vito Acconci - Theme Song (1973) R:04:28 Mauricio Kagel - MM51 / Nosferatu (1983) L:05:34 John Baldessari - Time/Temperature (1972-73) L:07:28 Richard Serra - Boomerang (with Nancy Holt) (1974) R:07:28 Dan Graham - Performer/Audience/Mirror (1975) 08:10 Ryan Trecartin - (Tommy-Chat Just E-mailed Me) (2006) 08:37 Salvador Dali & Luis Buñuel – Un Chien Andalou (1928) 08:40 Peter Campus - Double Vision (1971) L:08:57 Paper Rad - P-Unit Mixtape (2005) R:08:57 Peter Campus - Double Vision (1971) L:09:56 Oliver Payne & Nick Relph Mixtape (2002) R:10:47 Paul Sharits - Dots 1 & 2 (1965) L:11:25 Gary Hill - Black / White / Text (1980) R:11:25 Hans Richter - Rhytmus 21 (1921) 12:52 bpNichol – Word Pieces L:13:21 Gary Hill - Black / White / Text (1980) R:13:21 Hans Richter - Rhytmus 21 (1921) L:14:27 Jeremy Blake - Century 21 (2004) R:14:27 Fernand Leger - Ballet Mécanique (1924) L:17:53 George Landow - Film In Which There Appear Edge Lettering, Sprocket Holes, Dirt Particles, Etc (1965-66) R:18:17 Stephen Dwoskin – Dirty (1965) L:19:58 Anthony Balch & William S. Burroughs - The Cut-Ups (1966) R:19:58 Anthony Balch & William S. Burroughs - The Cut-Ups (1966) L:21:48 Ernie Gehr – Shift (1972-1974) L:21:54 Michael Snow - So Is This (1982) R:21:54 Tehching Hsieh - One Year Performance, No. 2 (1980-81) 23:13 Paper Rad - P-Unit Mixtape (2005) 24:17 Nam June Paik - Beatles Electroniques (1966-69) 24:46 Pipilotti Rist - I'm Not The Girl Who Misses Much (1986) 25:08 Carolee Schneeman - Fuses (1965) / Cheryl Donegan - Refuses (2007) 29:03 Paul McCarthy - Wild Gone Girls Test (2003) L:29:10 Joseph Beuys – Filz TV (1970) R:29:10 Chris Burden – TV Ad (1973) R:29:33 Stan Douglas – Monodramas, “I’m not Gary.” (1991) R:30:21 Skip Arnold – Punch (1992)

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Download Flash Artifacts (2009, AVI)

In Flash Artifacts (2009), Danny Snelson and João Enxuto re-edit selections from UbuWeb's streaming video archive, exploring the conditions that momentarily "clothe and house" classic avant-garde film and video works. In particular, this editorial exercise investigates online versions of media-reflexive cinema, reprograming works designed to address media technologies now verging on obsolescence.

Standish Lawder turns the camera back on the projector; reveling in the deliriously rhythmic mechanics of a film zipping through the machine. Paul Sharits constructs a rigorous series of dot matrix bursts of light; flashing the ecstatic visuality of pure cinema. Vito Acconci invades the most intimate of gallery spectator spaces; destroying any supposed distance from the film. What interests us about these works of consummate media-reflexivity in their current state of digital dereliction? Why screen these virtual leftovers when online viewing is properly dismissed as an inferior cinematic experience?

History completes itself: in remarks on the foundation of UbuWeb, Kenneth Goldsmith argues for the astonishing way in which the computer screen has always inhabited concrete poetry, even from within the page. Similarly, a hidden magic is revealed in these works as they've found themselves mixed up in the contextual economy of UbuWeb. Interweaving, juxtaposing, and re-editing dozens of films and videos from the UbuWeb archive, we attempt to resurface the more remarkable moments of digital prescience: rewiring these essential historical works as allegories of online distribution networks, internet-specific poetics, media encoding technologies, and the peculiarities of our rapidly expanding social networks.